Episode 18

Ep. 18: Killer Ratings (Pt. 1)

"Hey hey hey, welcome back to Spectre Wranglers, the hit YouTube show in which we - Rachel Bergerac and Stacey Hucknall - investigate supposedly haunted locations! Today we are LIVE with our season finale at the abandoned Coral Cove Casino in Blackpool. Our very special guest for this very special episode is renowned parapsychologist Deidre Abora. So, if you're ready, let's dive on in and find some ghosts! What could possibly go wrong?!"

CONTENT WARNINGS! Swearing, rude humour, paranormal activity, gambling, drugs, violent death

YOUR PLAYERS! Your GM is Sara Keep. Becs Watson plays Rachel Bergerac, Helen Gaffney plays Deidre Abora and Jen Blundell plays Stacey Hucknall.

THE GAME! Killer Ratings is a table-top role-playing game by Ken Lowery and Bannerless Games.

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OTHER CONTENT! Jen and Sara also play on the D&D actual play podcast Quest Fantastic, and Jen hosts the film review podcast Jen and the Film Critic. Becs streams art and games on Twitch, @StarlingGirl.

OUR MUSIC! Our theme music was composed by David Shaw (Instagram and Twitch @DSComposing and Facebook @composerdavidshaw). Music mixing and mastering was by Mark Anderson.

All other music from Epidemic Sound. Sound effects from Zapsplat.

About the Podcast

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About your hosts

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Sara Keep

Sara is an illustrator with a love and focus towards TTRPGs and Pokemon. As well as GMing for Roll Plus Heart she also GMs for the actual play podcast Quest Fantastic.
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Jen Blundell

As well as Roll Plus Heart, Jen is also on the actual play D&D podcast Quest Fantastic and the film review podcast Jen and the Film Critic. She's reading The Hunger Games for the first time at the moment. Have you read it? You should give it a go, it's really good.
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Helen Gaffney

Helen is an administrative assistant at a university for her day job. She enjoys everything nerd and also plays guitar and sings. She is a proud bisexual. Fun fact about Helen: she has played music at three weddings and one funeral.
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Becs Watson

Becs works in academic publishing & freelance digital art. She streams art on Twitch as StarlingGirl, where she obsesses over clothing details, despairs over hands, and generally promotes chill vibes as she shares her journey towards art enlightenment.